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Excepcional! Cuarenta y cinco minutos me han sabido a poco. Era mi primera sesión con Rigby y he disfrutado el ambiente de total comfort y seguridad. La próxima semana regreso, pero más tiempo.

-Carmen, from Spain-


"After my massage with you, I've played the best game I've ever played!" -Position OL

(Under NCAA legislation the use of a current student-athlete's name for commercial purpose is impermissible. The athlete's name shall remain anonymous)


As an Olympic Athlete that has been to almost every Therapeutic establishment in Oxford MS, I can honestly say that Therapeutic Bliss is thee best!! Rigby Rodgers' massage technique and skills are undeniably profound. His precision allows him to work out the deep routed tightness on your body that are stressed. His knowledge and experience allows his clients to receive the ultimate satisfaction. Because of my vigorous training, I am usually sore 24/7 however after a massage from Mr . Rodgers my training has been easier and my body feels rejuvenated.

For the best massage in Oxford I refer Rigby Rodgers, you will not regret seeing him!!

-Gwen Berry, Olympic Athlete-

As an elite athlete, I've been worked on by many world-renowned massage therapists. Still, none compare to the angelic hands of Rigby Rodgers. His hands are absolutely blessed by the man upstairs. Whether you’d dealt with a long day in the office, a stressful day at home, or simply, want to plan some time for a mental get away… Schedule an appointment with Therapeutic Bliss, Inc. You won’t regret it!!! THANKS RIGBY.

-Jeneva Stephens, Olympic Athlete-

Rigby is a consummate professional. His total expertise, courteous manner and serious dedication to his craft make him one of the best massage therapists I have ever encountered.

- Bruce Levingston, concert pianist

I've had massages from all over the world. The massages from Rigby are the best massages I have ever had.

-Sam Haskell, author/producer 

Rigby is a special person, he has a gift from God. I've never had a massage like his. He can find the spot that needs to be worked without me even telling him. Best massages I've ever had!

-L. Overstreet-

Jambo wote! Mimi ni mwana-riadha wa mbio za masafa marefu. Mara kwa mara, wakimbiaji wanahitaji matibabu ya masuguo, ama ukipenda, masaji maradufu! Haya ni matibabu muhimu kwa kurejesha mwili kwa ile hali ya sawasawa na tayari kwa mashindano ya mbio! La muhimu sana, ni sharti haya matibabu yapatianwe kwa utaratibu na Mtalaam wa Masaji. Sasa hapa ndipo utapatana na huyu muungwana, Rigby Rodgers! Jamaa ni mtalaam wa wataalam! Mimi nampendekeza kwa yeyote yule; kazi yake ni ya thamani ya hali ya juu! Yuastahili kabisa. Ahsante Sana Bw. Rigby

Hakiki na:

Kariûki Kuria, Kenya

I've had massages from all over the world. Nothing can beat the massages performed by Rigby Rodgers at Therapeutic Bliss, Inc.

-Gay Stubbs-

"Ever since I've been coming to see Rigby my back feels so much better. I come regularly now, and the massages are helping me so much!"
-Dr Ralph Vance

I haven't had a massage in over 10 years, but I feel amazing after getting a massage today from Rigby! He is a professional from start to finish and makes you feel very comfortable. I will definitely be making time for regular massages at Therapeutic Bliss! Thanks Rigby

-Melanie Kelly-

I am a 64 year old male that golfs a lot. I came to Rigby with a painful and limited in motion left shoulder. In 2 visits my shoulder is 100% better!! I have been getting massages over 24 years and Rigby is by far the Best !!!! Thanks Rigby for allowing me to continue to play the game that I love!

-Doug Nasur-

Rigby was fantastic! By far the best massage I've ever had. Very professional and polite. I will be scheduling another massage soon!

-Beth Bennett-

I'm throwing harder than I've ever thrown before! Position Pitcher

-Anonymous- (Under NCAA legislation the use of a current student-athlete's name for commercial purpose is impermissible. The athlete's name shall remain anonymous)

I am a tour bus driver. I travel all over the world. I drive anyone from Broadway stars to rock bands. This was the best massage I've ever had! The next

time I'm in Oxford, I will come back to visit Rigby. Thank you for your massage!


I have Spasmodic Torticollis. The massages from Rigby helps me so much! Thank you, Rigby! You are the best!


The cranial massage got rid of all the motion sickness and vertigo I've had for years! Thank you so very much!

Margaret Tutor

 I moved away from Oxford in 2011. Rigby, I didn't realized how wonderful you are at your job until I tried to replace you. I can not find a massage therapist in Miami anywhere as good as you. Thank you so much!

Amy DeGirolamo, Podiatrist  

I suffer from MS, and after my massage from Rigby, I had the best night sleep I have ever had!! Thank you so much!


I now live in Ashville, NC. I've been a client of Therapeutic Bliss for a few months now. It is worth driving to Oxford, MS just to get a massage from Rigby! Thank you for all your help!

C. Allen

Recebo massagens do Rigby a cada 2 semanas na empresa onde trabalho. Eu trabalho com a cabeça, e às vezes esqueço do corpo. Dores nas costas e nos ombros acontecem. É impressionante como Rigby consegue achar facilmente os pontos com nódulos que provocam dores no corpo. Definitivamente recomendo Rigby como massoterapeuta. Profissional, simpático e com extremo conhecimento do que faz.

Luiz, home country: Brasil

The massages from Rigby is brilliant! Best massage in the world!

-Michael, Australia-

Очень хороший массажист. Советую попробать. Он прислушивается к вашим индивидуальным требованиям и старается их применить в процессе массажа.

-Nataliya Head, Russia-

Rigby your massage was wonderful, I feel so much better today. I'll see you next week again!

-Maiyojanna Urbina, Venezuela

Best massage in the world!!!


Excelente terapia!!, alivia y elimina las tensiones y molestias musculares en los hombros y espalda, produce una muy buena relajacion. Muy recomendable!!

Alenjandro, home country: Argentina 

I have tried many different massages in many countries, but the best one I ever had was in Oxford with Therapeutic Bliss! I first met Rigby when he came to FNC for "Chair Massages" for FNC's employees. The 10 min massage was awesome, and I knew immediately I would come back. Since then, I've been a regular customer. I also recommended my friends to Rigby, and they all loved it! Rigby is very professional and really cares about his clients. I will continue to spread the word for the BEST massage therapist in Oxford!

Maria Lee

Home country: Singapore

Best massage ever!


是一位非常专业并且非常和蔼的按摩师。每一次去找他按摩我们都会进行愉快的沟通。我日常进行的大重量的举重训练,所以全身的肌肉经常会持续紧张并且酸痛。多亏了Rigby每次长达一小时的按摩,让我的肌肉终于得以放松下来。太感谢了。 来自瑞

Ruite Gu

Home country: Beijing, China

I've traveled all over the world. This is the best massage I've ever had!

Garrett G.

Rigby, I can never tell you how much I appreciate all you have done, and still do, for me. You are truly an answer to one of my prayers. It took God over 15 years to answer my request; however I guess He was waiting for you to grow up, move to Oxford, and start your business. You will always be special to me.


Patricia Lewis

All I have to say is WOW!...I know now that every massage and every massage therapist is different. You can't shop around for a massage to find the best 'deal' like you can a shirt. The massages at Therapeutic Bliss are worth every penny! Thank you for helping me overcome my muscle pain!

Jenny W.

The massages helps me tremendously! As an athlete, I feel that the massage keeps me loose and improves my performance in the field. Thanks Rigby for all that you do for me! Position QB

-Anonymous- (Under NCAA legislation the use of a current student-athlete's name for commercial purpose is impermissible. The athlete's name shall remain anonymous)

Your massage was awesome!

Dexter McCluster, RB Kansas City Chiefs

I love your massages! They are so helpful.

David Renfroe, Boston Red Sox

People have been talking about how good the massages were at Therapeutic Bliss, Inc, so I decided to check it out. The massages are amazing!! I wasn't getting the deep tissue work that I needed from other therapies, but Rigby does an amazing job with his deep work! Thank you for your help. Position Long Jump

-Anonymous- (Under NCAA legislation the use of a current student-athlete's name for commercial purpose is impermissible. The athlete's name shall remain anonymous)

The massage was great! My back feels so much better now. Thank you, Rigby! Position DL-Anonymous- (Under NCAA legislation the use of a current student-athlete's name for commercial purpose is impermissible. The athlete's name shall remain anonymous)

Man, the massages have been great! It really works! I am now throwing like a 89% pass ratio, I feel like a brand new person. Thanks, Rigby, for all your help!

G. Billups, Quarterback- OHS


My shoulder feels so much better after getting a massage. I am throwing much harder and pain free!

Thank you so much, Position Catcher

-Anonymous- (Under NCAA legislation the use of a current student-athlete's name for commercial purpose is impermissible. The athlete's name shall remain anonymous)

I wish that I would have found Therapeutic Bliss earlier. At Therapeutic Bliss, I actually feel like I'm getting something out of my massages. I've had massages from all over the world and this is by far the best I've found. I can't believe I've wasted my money at other spas. Thank you for showing me what a massage is suppose to feel like!


Out of all the therapies I've tried, massages from Therapeutic Bliss has helped me the most.

K. Guyton

Thank you so much for the great massages. You are very professional, courteous, and effective. These last few weeks prior to my move have been manageable with your help. Best wishes for continued success in your practice.


Carol A. Sommer

It was truly the best massage I have ever had. I will definitely be back. Thank you for a great experience.

Celia R., RN

I wish I could encourage everyone to have a massage at Therapeutic Bliss, then they would realize that massage is not an indulgence but an actual therapeutic science that helps the body heal and become stronger.Thank you Rigby

Peggie R., RN

We are fairly new clients. We are pleased to recommend Rigby. He is professional, thorough and effective.

Carolyn and Sam Davis

The most incredible massage I've ever had. Rigby really cares about his clients and gives great advice on therapeutic stretches when problems occur. He's the best!

Margaret King

Just a note to let anyone who might be considering massage therapy but not sure; that Rigby Rogers has really helped me with a neck/shoulder discomfort due largely to posture and sitting at a desk.

I had thought that massage was a luxury, a nice way to be pampered, and I would splurge occasionally while on vacation.

My Daughter had given me a Gift Certificate for my birthday a few years ago, and I was impressed with Rigby Rogers; his skill, knowledge, and dedication to help each client. I used my Gift Certificate, but didn't consider returning as I saw it as a luxury, not actually "therapy".

Three years later, I had developed a real kink in the muscles around my neck and left shoulder. I was looking through brochures at Oxford City Hall while waiting for my husband to collect information for a deed and saw Rigby's card. Thinking that a massage would help my feelings I made an appointment.

The good news is that the massage helped a lot more than my feelings, it helped my neck and shoulder very much. I would like to be able to say that I was healed immediately, but honestly, my issue was severe enough that it has taken several visits to work out the stress and pain.

There has , however, been a very positive result each visit, and has made me more aware of my posture and how I need to not only sit, but manage the way I hold the telephone and look up at my computer and T V rather than on level with them.

Am I too busy to take time for massage therapy? Can I afford it? Rigby Rogers has answered those questions for me by proving that time spent in massage therapy is valuable! 

Sincerely, Susan Beckett

          Bruce, MS

"Best massage in Oxford!"


I had my first massage with Rigby years ago and was immediately hooked. When I started with Rigby I drove a lot for my job and would constantly have shoulder and back pain. Rigby was my hero!! Anytime I had an issue I would leave his care pain free. I have had massages all over the world and Rigby is still the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. I can honestly say everyone I have referred to him has said the same thing. Rigby you are a God send!!

Allyson Duckworth

I have had regular massages for 20 years in all parts of the United States and can honestly say that my massages with Rigby have consistently been the best I have ever had. He is extremely knowledgeable and listens to what the client needs! I would recommend him outright to anyone regardless of their age, health status or needs. He is well-informed and professional enough to determine the appropriateness of the therapy for special cases.

Melinda Valliant PhD, RD, LDAssistant ProfessorThe University of Mississippi108 Sorority RowOffice 222University, MS


I was in significant pain last week when I asked you to work me in for an hour massage. What a difference it made in my overall well-being; so much so, I'm driving back to Oxford for another massage tomorrow. Thank you so much for what you did for me!

Raquel V., MSN, FNP, ACNP

My first massage was more than 20 years ago. Therapeutic Bliss is by far the most relaxing of all experiences!! I work at a computer most of the day and my neck and shoulders are always tight. Rigby's magic hands make me feel like a new person! I've never been a regular customer anywhere and have tried many local therapists - but you can bet I will be a regular customer as long as Therapeutic Bliss and Rigby are in business! What a treat. :-)

Sissy N.

Rigby- My back feels so much better since you worked on it these last two weeks while I was in Oxford. Thanks for all you do! I look forward to my next appointment in a few weeks!

Jan T.

Best massage I have ever had! Rigby does a fantastic job from start to finish. I haven’t hesitated in recommending him to family, friends and colleagues! Thanks Rigby!

Andrea "A" G.

Rigby, here is a brief expression of my gratitude for all the help you have given me! I have severe arthritis in my neck, shoulders and knees. Since I have been going to Rigby regularly the past few months, I have experienced a reduction in pain and an increase in range of motion in my joints. I would recommend Rigby to everyone!

Karen W.

Last summer I finished a very heavy and stressful workload so I decided to splurge and go to a luxurious health spa in Mexico. For a week, I enjoyed a variety of massages given by massage therapists that work with some of the most exclusive clients. It was heavenly! But with just one very soothing massage from Rigby, he managed to work at the tension in my muscles that the spa was never able to relieve. I left Rigby’s massage feeling so much healthier than I did after an entire week at a health spa!

Anne P.


Thanks for making the "first" massage so comforting. I think I mentioned I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder, and had read on your website that massage may help alleviate anxiety and depression, as well as possibly reduce dependence upon medications. Coming in for the first time had me a bit nervous, but I can't imagine having had a more completely relaxing experience; and I did sleep very well that night.


Top 5 of around 200 massages I have ever received. The Orthopedic massage was excellent and I will definitely be a return customer. I can touch my toes. Thank you.

Steven Fox

I've gotten massages all over the world from Burke Williams Spa in LA to India. Rigby, I can truly say that you give the best massages.

Wayne Butler, co-owner 3Guys Pizza

I haven't had a massage in over 10 years, but I feel amazing after getting a massage today from Rigby! He is a professional from start to finish and makes you feel very comfortable. I will definitely be making time for regular massages at Therapeutic Bliss! Thanks Rigby

-Gayle Lemmon-

I can honestly say that Rigby is one of the kindest human beings I have ever met. He is truly gifted with his professional care! Going to get a massage has quickly became one of the most enjoyable things I do. Thanks, Rigby!

-Jeremy Phillips-

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