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Sweet Escape

1 Hour Tranquil Hot Oil Massage, Sauna, Steam Bath

This packages is perfect for someone searching to escape from reality! Close your eyes and take deep breathes in through your nose as you exhale out through your mouth. As you continue to breathe deeply your favorite scent feels the air and your lungs as you melt deeper into relaxation. Imagine the hot oil dripping down your hair as you prepare for your hot oil massage.

As you go further into relaxation with each breath you would be able to feel all tension being rolled out with each massage stroke. Then imagine the warmth of a towel being wraped around you head to trap in all the aroma and heat as we escort you to our Sauna Room. There you will embrace yourself with the warm heat and tantalizing scents of the aroma therapy.

After you Sauna Therapy session you will be escorted to our Steam Bath. By now you would be feeling like melted honey as the steam from the steam bath takes you further into deep relaxation. That is the time you can sit back and remind yourself that your hard works and accomplishments are the reason you are here. (You deserve it!)

Pampered time/ 2hrs

Cost/ 120

Thinner You

Sauna, Sea Alge Wrap, Steam Bath

No matter how much weight you would like to loose this is perfect for a stress free, no effort, weight loss session. The Thinner You package collaborates the top three treatment sessions to help you loose weight and feel great!

The first treatment start out with a Sauna Therapy session. The heat from the Sauna penetrates the skin and heats the body rather than the air inhibiting the Sympathatic nervous system and causing increase sweat.

After the personal Sauna session we provide you with an essential Sea Algae Wrap. The Sea Algae Wrap is an excellent treatment during weight loss. It also helps with detoxifying the skin. After 20 minutes of detoxifying, you are unwrapped and the treatment is followed by a steam shower to remove all the sea algae.

A Steam Bath Therapy session is a vital session in raising tissue temperature for eliminating cellulite. After a nice hot steam shower, you will feel like a new person.

These combined treatments will put minerals back into the skin, remove any unwanted toxins through metabolic stimulation, while tightening the skin to reveal a much younger thinner looking person. You will sleep better, work better, & Above all, you will feel better.

(Note: Thinner You Paclage is certainly not superior than dieting and training)

Pampered time/ 2hrs

Cost/ 165

Younger You

Scalp Massage, 1hr Tranquil Hot Oil Massage, Salt Glow, Steam Bath

Exfoliation and hydration is the key to what your skin needs to stay healthy and look younger. This program was designed to collaborate the top treatments for a younger looking you. It’ll be like taking a trip back in time!

The treatment sessions will start out with a rejuvenating scalp massage! A scalp massage strengthens the roots of the hair, nourishing and relaxing the scalp- resulting in new hair growth. Just lay there, close your eyes and enjoy the hot oil as it is massaged into the scalp and whole body. We will transition into a Tranquil Hot Oil Massage as we relax the mind and nourish the skin.

The next treatment will be a valuable Salt Glow! Sea mineral salts helps to relieve aches and pains while restoring the skin. Dead Sea Salt is massaged into the skin to remove any dead skin cells to reveal a younger skin layer.

Then, it’s time for a nice hot Steam Bath Therapy treatment to wash off all of the sea salt and dead skin cells from the body. There will be a noticeable difference in how smooth one skin feels. With these treatments combined you will come alive because you will look and feel younger!

Pampered time/ 2hr 45min

Cost/ 238


Scalp, Neck & Back Hot Stone, Sauna, Salt Glow, Steam Bath

This is the ultimate package! For 2 hours and 45 minutes you can free your mind. It will feel like time has stood still just for you! The treatment sessions will start off with a soothing Hot Oil Scalp massage. Close your eyes take a deep breath and imagine the warm oil caressing down your scalp as it nourishes and conditions your hair. Smell the aroma as it tantalizes your sense of smell. Then as you go further into relaxation we spend extra time on your tired overworked muscles using basalt hot stones. Your body will begin to appreciate what you are rewarding it with. We will wrap your head up to trap in the heat and escort you to our Sauna. There you will spend personal time unwinding as you are soaking in the heat while your body slowly starts to melt into a puddle.

Then, we exfoliate your skin while further relaxing your mind and body with a salt glow treatment. A Hot Steam Bath is waiting running beside you, so as you finish the salt glow treatment we pour you right into a steam bath session. Take time to release any unwanted tension in the bubble bath of the kings/queens.

Pampered time/ 2hrs. 45min.

Cost/ 238

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