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Care Plans

Receiving a massage on a regular basis is extremely beneficial to the overall health of the body. Frequent massages will improve performance, aid recovery, prevent and eliminate injuries, reduce stress, and even enhance metabolism and circulation! The care plan is designed to help clients save a little money and receive massages on a regular basis.

Everything in the body is connected, so a hypertonic muscle that is causing pain in the neck may be a result of a muscle imbalance in the hip. The source of the problem must be treated for one to truly get out of muscle pain. Muscles have a tendency to fight over joints. When one muscle group is out of balance it will cause another muscle group to be out of balance as well. Also, the soft tissue pain that you are experiencing now may be the result of an injury that has happened many years ago. In situations like the ones explained above, the injury did not occur overnight. Often times it will take more than one session to reprogram the muscles to lengthen.

With the care plan, the therapist will have adequate sessions to find, treat, and eliminate the source of the problem that is causing the muscle imbalance.

Depending on the injury, the therapist will determine how often to receive a massage for one to reach its full benefits. It is always wise to receive a maintenance massage at least once a month to prevent any further injuries. *There are no expiration date on the packages!

30min. Therapeutic Bliss Massage Package

(5) 30min. Therapeutic Bliss massages for $250 (saves $25)

Orthopedic Massage Package

(5) Orthopedic massages for $360 (saves $40)

1 Hour Therapeutic Bliss Massage Package

(5) 1 hour Therapeutic Bliss massages for $430 (saves $45)

90min Therapeutic Bliss Massage Package

(5) 90min. Therapeutic Bliss massages for $650 (saves $50)

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