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Welcome, you are one step closer in becoming pain-free and creating a new and healthier you. With a little of hard work and dedication, together we can complete this goal. If you are mentally tough you can be physically strong. Please understand that massage therapy and exercise can not cure all dis-ease, but massage therapy and exercise IS beneficial to the body and the cure to most dis-ease and conditions. Massage Therapist does NOT diagnosis. It is advised to seek a medical professional first before beginning any exercise program. Contact us for a list of recommended medical professionals in the Oxford, Mississippi area. 

About Membership Package

Once you become a member, you may request a certified personal trainer to instruct you on the proper way to utilize the gym equipment that is available.

Packages may change. Lock in your membership package today.

Members may switch over to another membership plan upon request.

Membership Availability is Limited!

Therapeutic Bliss Package

The Therapeutic Bliss package is perfect for the person who loves quiet and personal time to workout. No worries about looking a certain way or trying to out do the gym rat beside you. Therapeutic Bliss package members may utilize the gym during regular business hours and may take advantage of unlimited use of the steam bath when available. Therapeutic Bliss members may also take advantage of the membership prices for the services offered at Therapeutic Bliss. (For membership prices, see price list under service offered)

Therapeutic Bliss is a private gym that has everything you need to get in shape and stay healthy. There is a very limited number of memberships available. Join today and be one of the few to workout in a quiet personal gym.

$20 enrollment fee


NO commitment


Membership Discounts

Unlimited Steam Bath Therapy

Gym Use

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