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1st Thursday Special

Rigby likes to run a special the 1st Thursday of every month. A service from Therapeutic Bliss, Inc. is something everyone should experience.


Check back soon!

Book today! Space is limited!

(662) 234-3400

Please put your name on the waiting list if the appointment time that you need is not available! 

Stay in touch to see what special is running for next month's 1st Thursday special!

See below for the guidelines about the 1st Thursday special:

  • No coupons, promotional gift cards (gift cards that were given away through promotions), or other specials may be applied to the first Thursday special.
  • Clients may not book consecutively for the first Thursday special.
  • Clients may only book one month in advance for the first Thursday special.

All of these rules are for your benefit. These are to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience a massage at Therapeutic Bliss, Inc. Thank you for your interest! We look forward to contributing to your well-being! 

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